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! CPAP Full Face Mask With Headgear

Price: $132.99

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Cpap Full face Mask with Head Gear by Probasics

  • Forehead Piece Won't Break The forehead support is made of a soft pliable silicone that bends and is fully adjustable providing for the ultimate in comfort. The entire T-piece is flexible and conforms naturally to the contours of your face. Won't snap, crack, or break.


  • Lightweight Flexible Design Made from a soft medical grade silicone, the Zzz-Mask Nasal Mask has a one piece design that is comfortable, durable, and flexible.


  • Headgear with Quick Release Clips The headgear can be easily removed without having to re-adjust the straps making it quick and convenient to take on and off. There are also two different places to connect the bottom headgear for even more adjustability.


  • Easy To Clean Due to its one piece design this mask is amazingly easy to clean.


  • 360˚ Double Swivel Elbow Port Freedom of movement and ease of connection is built into the design of the Zzz-Mask Elbow Port. Where the mask and the elbow port connect is slightly flexible as well, helping to keep the mask in place if you are an active sleeper.


  • Ergonomic Contoured Design This mask contours naturally to the face with its ribbed support for comfort, fit, and seal enhancement.


  • Durable The overall design of this mask and materials used make it extremely durable and long-lasting.

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