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Price: $299.00
Item Number: 08373-6591-00
Manufacturer: RESPIRONICS
Manufacturer Part No: RE1265-91

  • HANDHELD & EASY TO USE - This portable nebulizer is small, fast, and easy to take anywhere. Just start the therapy with a simple push of a button and the device will turn itself off when it’s done. You won’t find a more convenient nebulizer than the Innospire Go! 

  • REDUCES TREATMENT TIMES BY UP TO 25% - The Innospire Go uses vibrating mesh technology to provide ultra fast treatments compared to most nebulizers. Average treatment time is only 4 minutes.

  • VIRTUALLY SILENT - You won’t hear much from this travel nebulizer. But don’t worry; it provides audible and visual cues to let you know when the therapy is complete!

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY provides up to 30 treatments per charge.

  • OPTIMUM PARTICLE SIZE FOR YOUR LUNGS - Vibrating mesh technology delivers aerosol perfectly targeted to your lungs, ensuring you get all your medication. It can hold up to 8 mL.

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