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Bed Rails Liberty Quarter Size

Price: $120.00
Item Number: GF6580B-1
Manufacturer: Grahamfield
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Lumex Liberty Quarter Bed Rails

Product description

The Quarter Rail, approximately 18 inches in length when mounted on the Patriot™ bed, can be used as a head assist, head rail, or foot rail. This rail provides minimal rail coverage and gives assistance when entering or exiting the bed. The Quarter Rail’s non-telescoping inner and outer tubes overlap in conjunction with the Patriot™ mounting system, resulting in a very sturdy rail. Designed to offer added protection, the Lumex Liberty Rails follow the FDA Hospital Bed System Dimensional Guidance to Reduce Entrapment and the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup and FDA Dimensional Test Methods for Bed System Zones 1-4 to reduce bed entrapment.


* Improved rail design decreases the spacing between the crossbars, thus reducing the risk of entrapment
* New bed rail length closes open areas that can occur during full bed articulation
* Rails now mount in fixed patent pending rail slots on Patriot™ bed deck to prevent sliding and moving — easy installation saves delivery and setup time and ensures proper rail placement
* Spring-loaded, self-adjusting crossbraces feature safety tabs that prevent accidental disengagement when bumped or during application of side pressure
* Patriot™ Liberty Bed Rails have been tested to the highest Medical Bed System standards
* Designed to be used specifically with the Patriot™ and WhisperLite™ II full-electric beds that are commonly used as standard-height or low beds

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