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OptiLife™ Nasal Mask

Price: $190.00
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Manufacturer: RESPIRONICS

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OptiLife  Nasal Mask w/ Head gears and chin support bands

OptiLife is designed to be easier to use with features that make life easier for patients, sleep professionals and providers alike.

Designed to fit a patients life

OptiLife features a unique headgear design and a chin support band that allows it to be easily put on and adjusted with little effort and no buckles. In fact, OptiLife is so easy-to-use that the mask can be put into place with one hand. Plus, OptiLife is easy-to-clean and maintain, and its durable enough to stand up to the real-world demands of daily use.

Designed to fit the life of the sleep lab professional

OptiLife is an ideal mask for introducing new patients to sleep therapy. Its also easy for your staff to clean, assemble and seal patients quickly during titration. OptiLife better accommodates side sleepers and leaves the forehead open for polysomnographic leads.

Designed to fit the life of the homecare provider

We gave OptiLife the features to enhance compliance and acceptance by your patients. Its robust seal, comfortable cushion, buckleless headgear, wide range of sizes and quiet design help patients stay compliant with their therapy. All of which helps you manage your patients and business more effectively.


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