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Parallel Bars

Price: $1,299.00
Item Number: FAB100-15-4000

Parallel Bars, wood base, folding, height and width adjustable, 7' L x 16" - 24" W x 22" - 36" H:
These sturdy and stable folding parallel bars with a 42" base require only 14" of floor space when not in use. Wood base unit comes with one stabilizing bar to lock parallel bars in open position. To store the space saving bars, simply unlock and slide until handrails are nearly touching. Add 3 feet to length when folded. Length 7'. Wood base is 42"L x 7"W  x 1¼"H". Steel base is 42"L x 5"W x ¼"H. Height adjusts from 22" to 36" H. Width adjusts from 16" to 24" W. Hand rail size 1-1/2" diameter. Can be used with optional Model 90 Divider Board. Allows wheelchair access with a distance of 31 1/2" clearance between posts. 

Weight: 79 lbs

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