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Jobst Relief Medical Leg Wear Stockings 15-20 mmHg

Price: From $45.99 to $68.99
Manufacturer: JOBST

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JOBST®Relief provides quality and efficacy at a moderate price.

Available in Knee & Thi Hi  Beige Color

  • Traditional design with the highest performance
  • Wide, comfortable band that stays in place
  • Easy to put on
  • Reinforced heel pocket for added durability

15-20 mmHg Gradient Compression Indication Guide

  • Discomfort from spider veins
    Relief from minor leg swelling
    Relief of tired aching legs
    Relief of leg discomfort during pregnancy
    Minor varicose veins
    For wear following sclerotherapy

    Note: These are examples of reasons to wear this level of compression. Please consult with your physician for compression above 15-20 mmHg.
You may need to scroll horizontally to view complete chart. Size charts are x-large for easy viewing.

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