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Commode Safety Frame

Price: $59.99
Item Number: 03870303303

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Toilet Guard Rail
Handles are adjustable and rotate back to allow a wide range of comfortable and secure positions
Closed cell foam armrests provide a comfortable sure grip.
Adjustable height 26" - 31" accommodates standard or elevated toilet seats.
  • Easy to clean aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl with adjustable bracket 18" - 24".Directions: Step 1. Remove existing toilet seat/lid assembly. Step 2. Place toilet safety frame bracket between toilet fixture and toilet seat / lid assembly with rounded part of bracket facing back of toilet. Step 3. Replace toilet seat/lid and reinsert mounting bolts through bracket and toilet fixture. Replace and tighten nuts. Step 4. Insert side frames into desired bracket. Depress detent button then slide side frame into desired position. Step 5. Adjust footpieces to desired height. Make sure both footpieces are fully engaged and adjusted at equal heights.
  • Warnings: Please read carefully before installation and use. Failure to comply may result in severe injury. For maximum safety, certain precautions should be taken when using this product. Use only with a doctor's prescription and with proper training from a licensed therapist. Before rental, purchase, or before use, make sure that all these are explained to you by the seller, distributor, or other. Among them: (1) You are correctly fitted, ( 2) All spring buttons are engaged and all knobs are tightened, (3) Tips are not worn, (4) Hand grips do not slip, (5) Nothing is loose or uneven and there are no rattles or cracks in the metal, plastic, etc., or any other irregularities, (6) Do not subject to sudden impact or jolt, (7) Product to be used only with the manufacturer's original parts and accessories, have seller install, (8) Do not use if user's weight is over 250 lbs. or if user has any handicaps and/or disabilities or is on medication, etc., that doctor, therapist and/or seller would deem to interfere with safe usage of product. Check for all the above before each use. Have seller or distributor fully explain attached proper usage instructions: (many specific in nature), provided when new on most product groups and all above information. Failure to follow the above instructions and those that are specific to the product may result in the user's receiving a sudden jolt, falling, or other bodily injury.

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