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Jobst® UlcerCARE TM helps venous leg ulcers heal. Designed specifically to help manage venous leg ulcers, UlcerCARE gives you freedom from weekly bandaging visits. UlcerCARE is a two-stocking system providing a liner and zippered stocking. Together they supply the gradient compression needed for a venous ulcer to heal.
  • Light compression liner stocking holds dressing in place, helps the zippered stocking slide on easier, and can be worn day and night
  • Open toe outer stocking with zipper is easier to put on
  • Soft yarns for more comfort
  • Reciprocated heel for better fit and wear
  • Wear with your regular clothing and footwear
  • Allows for daily bathing
  • 1 each per box

Black color dot
* The nominal compression for an average
Jobst Ulcer Care Knee High w/zipper and Liner - 40mmHg

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