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Western Medical Primer Modified Unna Boot Dressing

Price: $14.99
Item Number: GLN4001
Manufacturer Part No: GLN4001

Primer's Modified Unna Boot Dressing is used to manage sprains, strains, Lymphatic edema, minor fractures, and as a protective bandage for burns or grafts. The Modified Unna Boot is a 100% cotton gauze with Zinc Oxide paste evenly embedded within the compression bandage. The Zinc Oxide paste in the unna boot dressing helps the compression dressing stay moist and comfortable, couraging leg movement. The Zinc Oxide paste is better than gelatins because it does not harden or cake, and retains its moist consistency over extended periods of time. The Modified Unna Boot uses a non-raveling threadlocked gauze, which prevents wound entanglement. The Modified Unna Boot also features a finished edge, which prevents stray threads at the end of the unna boot dressing from intefering with the healing process. To prevent irritation in patients, the Modified Unna Boot does not contain any preservatives. Each Modified Unna Boot comes in an individual, vacuum-sealed package. How To Use Primer's Modified Unna Boot To apply the unna boot, first open its vacuum sealed package. Then, begin wrapping around the toes and begin winding the unna boot dressing up the leg. As you wrap, add pleats or tucks to the unna boot dressing for easier application. You may also use a figure-eight pattern of wrapping.

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